Cribbage Day in Norwich

The fine folks at Cribbage In Norwich are hosting 2 events to mark cribbage day. They will be playing the public in the lobby of the Forum in Norwich from 11am-2pm and then holding an old school 5-card crib tournament at Suckling House/Cinema City from 3pm-6pm. More details here:  Cribbage Day in Norwich


(Suckling House/Cinema City)



(The Forum, Norwich)


International Cribbage Day

Saturday February 10th 2018 is set to be the 1st International Cribbage Day!

Sir John Suckling was born on February 10th 1609. 409 years later we are honouring him by using his birthday as International Cribbage Day.

The United Kingdom Cribbage Association (UKCA) and the American Cribbage Congress (ACC) are joining forces to promote the game on this special day.

Want to host an event or tell us about how you will mark the day? Contact us by emailing