About UKCA

The United Kingdom Cribbage Association (UKCA) was launched in late 2017 in response to ever-decreasing numbers of players appearing in an ever-decreasing number of leagues up and down the country.

The initial aims of UKCA are to:

  •  Work to increase the number of people playing cribbage in the UK


  • Improve communication and co-operation between cribbage leagues around the UK, to this end

We firmly believe that this great game will continue to be played long into the future, and now is a good time to give the game a boost in the country that gave it to the world.

If you would like to get involved with UKCA in any way, please contact us through cribbageuk@gmail.com, or on our facebook page.


UKCA is currently being driven by Siv Sears, who lives and plays cribbage in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. A couple of years ago, he set out to pay crib in every historic county of England and his exploits can be read about in his Cribbage in the Counties blog. There is also a decent local press article here about his final game of the tour at Suckling House in Norfolk.